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Features & Benefits



At CEG, we require our employees to undergo in-house training that better prepare to perform the required services of our high profile and esteemed customers. Our employees not only have the proficiency to guard people, places and things, but are likewise aware when and how to communicate to people. Evaluating people, places and things is of utmost consideration as service provider. This will enable our customers to assess us as someone who can reflect their idea of commitment to excellence and benchmark an image of Pride and Professionalism.

CEG personnel are required to provide proof (clearances) of non-involvement in criminal and even administrative cases, to include moral turpitude, as well as pass psychological evaluation and substance abuse examination. In so doing, we can always assure you, our clients, of reliable and trustworthy personnel as stipulated in each contract.


CEG is certain that all our employees are not members or are involved in any labor unions and are not, in any way, affiliates of any labor organization either. CEG operates under the guidelines provided by the PNP-SAGSD and DOLE in the areas of salary, remuneration, uniform, and performance; therefore, all benefits are given to all employees and dues are paid to the government. This ensures protection of the client from Labor cases. CEG guaranties that clients are free and blameless should there be unscrupulous, malicious and concocted cases that may be filed against them by any of our employees.


CEG is committed to protecting our valued clients’ identities and reputations. Due to the nature and confidentiality of our work, we do not reveal the names of our clients to anyone; however, client lists are available upon presentation of valid request.


All our existing clients can avail of our security consultancy service at no additional cost. CEG Consultants can conduct periodic security survey of the client’s establishment and submit advisories on security risks that may greatly affect or influence our client’s business.


Our postings are based on an 8 or 12 hour shift.
After initial evaluation of each prospective clientele, we will:

• Provide a written prospectus of your needs
• Provide a costing proposal
• Initiate contract signing

The active interaction of CEG management and staff with our clients allows us to respond to any and all changes and challenges. At CEG, our clients’ desires and needs for reliable Services is all the motivation and driving force we need to excel as the ultimate Security Service Provider of the times.