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CEG Security is need of Operations Manager, 35 to 45 years old, Certified Security Professional [CSP] license holder, with experience in handling guard operations matter. For the interested applicants, please email us your resume with contact numbers and credentials.

Application Procedures

1. Applications are regularly processed from Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2. Generally, all applicants should be at least:

a. 21 - 28 years of age, not included here are those considered for critical posts where other specifications are given.

b. At least four (4) years college degree holder for positions in the Head Office, college level for Security Officer Post or High School Graduate for security posts.

c. For clerical/technical positions' business related course.

d. For security related positions' vocational, criminology and related courses.

e. Must have a presentable and pleasing personality.

f. Must be able to communicate/express ideas fairly well.

3. Applicants must present himself (in complete uniform and paraphernalia for security guard position and business attire for officers or office staff) for interview.

4. Applicants who passed the interview will be given a written exam appropriate for the position he is applying for.

5. Upon passing the interview and written exam, applicant then fills up and signs the Application Form and is required to submit copies of documents stated in the Application Requirement.

6. The applicant is then listed as standby force and will be briefed regarding company policies and procedures and the disciplinary actions to be taken should there be violations committed.

Application Requirements:

1. NBI Clearance

2. Police Clearance

3. Mayor's Clearance

4. DILG Clearance

5. Barangay Clearance

6. Clearance from previous employer and resignation letter

7. Medical Certificate

8. Drug Abuse Test

9. Neuro Psychiatric Test


11. Security License

12. Transcript of Record/Diploma

13. Training Certificate (Pre-Licensing and Others)

14. Birth Certificate

15. Sketch of Residence

16. Latest 2 X 2 ID Picture (Colored)

17. Complete Blue Guard Uniform and Paraphernalia and Barong